Phenom Forge by Peopoly

Phenom Forge by Peopoly

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Introducing Forge, a production-grade large-format MSLA printer built for workshops and factories.  It is powered by the all-new Vlare Core controller with features that will make printing easier, faster, and more accurate. 

Here is an introduction video for Forge:

And here are the key features:
- Build Volume 288 x 163 x 350mm
- High Contrast (500nit) 6K Monochrome Panel for even better resolution and excellent life span. 
- Vlare Core controller board with Open File Format support and onboard EMMC storage
- Build-In masking function for more even light distribution
- Slicer options: Lychee Slicer, Tango Voxeldance, and Vlare Slicer
- WiFi and Infrared Camera for remote monitoring and management
- Temperature-Controlled vat for more consistent printing
- Fleet management functions for print farm
- Advanced Parallel LED for higher resolution
- More power-efficient, less fan noise design with UL Certified power source.
- Highly customizable with add-ons like air duct vent, chamber heater, LED strip, and more.
- All new nylon-like tough resin to work with Forge printer

Forge is shipped in two boxes and requires 30-60 minutes of assembling to connect the top and the bottom part of the printer. The assembling does not require any special tools or soldering. 

For users who print for productions, speed and ease of use are often as important as resolution if not more so.  The flat build plate allows for quick removal and cleaning, unlike a perforated plate. The heated vat ensures printing consistency and avoids reprint that costs time and money. Users can swap a new film or a new panel in under 20 minutes instead of an hour.  And most components can be accessed by removing one panel for quick maintenance. 


Printer Size: 470x 360x 640mm

Print volume: 288 x 163 x 350mm

Resolution: 50 um

Technology: MSLA 3D Printing

Printer Size: MSLA 3D Printing

Vat Volume: 2.5 kg

Physical Weight: 30KG

Shipping Weight: 43KG

Panel Lifespan:  1200 on average using recommended resin and settings

You can purchase additional consumables for Phenom Forge here:
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Deft Resin by Peopoly - White
Deft Resin by Peopoly - Grey

*Price does not include VAT or customs fees from importing countries
*Panel is a consumable