Curing Box Pro by Peopoly

Curing Box Pro by Peopoly

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This is a DIY kit and requires 30 minutes of assembling

Are you looking for a curing box with a powerful UV energy level? Curing Box Pro by Peopoly is here!

The Peopoly Curing Box Pro is designed to cure large parts up to 35 x 35x 40cm. It has dual UV LED fixtures that can produce 20 MW/cm2 on average and a turning table, which means you get higher quality curing faster than ever before!

Volume: 400x400x465mm

Maximum curing size: 350 x 350 x 400 mm

- Cures more evenly with a built-in turning table, 

- Easier to install, simple to operate, and users can adjust the curing time easily

- Can cure large models or multiple smaller models to increase production efficiency.

- Has 405nm integrated UV lamp beads.

- More efficient and can save up to 80% on electricity usage than traditional mercury lamps.


Curing Box Pro by Peopoly-Installation Guide

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